Batelov – Rejoice Pension

PROJECT 04/2012
The existing building is situated on a developed street, and only the house and an enclosed courtyard are found on the plot. The original family house and courtyard were converted to serve as the offices of the Rejoice company. The building will be newly reconstructed and used as a pension with five rooms, a joint entrance and storage space. The courtyard will be utilised as shared space. The existing peripheral vertical construction will be retained on the ground floor. A new roof truss and roof are planned along with a new extension above the courtyard. The extension and new parts of the roof (dormers) will utilise different materials. Openings in the shape of the daisy from the company logo are cut into the cladding for lighting and as an identifying element of Rejoice. Recycled wood from shipping containers (in different formats and with a variety of finishes) was chosen as the cladding material. The main idea of the entire design is highlighting the original character of the house (form and material). The new parts are clearly defined by their style and employed materials. The new natural materials complement the original building.