Chrpová Café

The investor commissioned the design of a new garden café in Chrpová Park in Prague 10. The aim is to build a social enterprise in the form of a café to provide employment opportunities for handicapped individuals. The project also helps integrate the handicapped into society. And yet, emphasis is also placed on creating a pleasant environment and a quality range of offers. The simple single-floor rectangular prism is set at clearing of trees, creating a dynamic connection between the building and the natural surroundings. Contributing to the simple expression is the uniform sheet cladding of the roof and facade. A covered terrace is notched into the mass of the building, and the tropical wood decking is an interesting contrast with the grey sheet envelope. Architecturally, the café is a sensitive addition to the park, and from a functional perspective it contributes to the concept of recreational relaxation. The solid wood structure will be exposed to the maximum extent in the café interior. The entrance to the building provides barrier-free access by means of a ramp. The facade also incorporates graphic elements in the form of vinyl stickers. The café seats approximately 60 guests (35 inside, 25 on the outdoor terrace).