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Másílko gazebo

INVESTOR soukromá osoba
REALIZATION 05/2009 - 08/2009
CONTRACTOR Pasiv System Velké Meziříčí

The Másílko Reservoir was built at the beginning of the twentieth century to supply water to factories in Humpolec; later it served as a source of water for firefighters. In 1999 the reservoir and adjacent land was sold to a private owner and restored as a pond. The simple gazebo at the northern edge of the pond serves as a summer house for visitors. The rectangular floor plan is 11.7 x 3.54 m, while the maximum height is approximately 5.5 m. The gazebo is built on several levels: the entrance area with a bathroom, storage space and bedrooms is on the level of the entrance to the plot. Raised over the edge of the pond, the main living area is then connected to the water by a terrace and stairs. Although most of the roof is flat, a few sections are slanted. The actual roof of the gazebo is a sail stretched over steel arches outside the structure. The perimeter walls and partitions, floor and roof of the gazebo have a wooden sandwich structure – wooden posts and beams filled with thermal insulation and clad with marine plywood from the inner and outer side. The gazebo is heated by an electric space heater. Photo: Iveta Kopicová