24 | 4 | 2015

Construction of the family house in Chotěboř is currently nearing completion. Work is primarily being performed in the interior and on the building facade. 

House near the Iron Mountains

3 | 2 | 2015

In the autumn of 2014 we took part in a public competition to design the town centre in Milevsko. 

Milevsko town centre

16 | 1 | 2015

The family house in Vinoř was completed at the end of 2014. Garden structures will be finished in the spring.

Pond House

12 | 1 | 2015

The article on the new family house in Luhačovice has been presented in HOME 11-12/2014.

HOME 11-12/2014

12 | 1 | 2015

The interior of the Fabrika Bar in Humpoleci was completed and passed final inspections at the end of 2014. The official photo shoot of the interior is planned for the summer.  

Fabrika Bar - under construction

2 | 12 | 2014

The article on the new family house inLipnice has been presented in Pěkné bydlení, 10/2014.

Pěkné bydlení 10/2014

6 | 11 | 2014

The launch of a new book by the studio OK PLAN ARCHITECTS marks the 15th anniversary of the founding of the company. The book can be purchased at Knihkupectví Jana Zábrany in Humpolec (www.knihy-zabrana.cz) or can be ordered directly at our studio for the price of CZK489.  Both books are also offered for download in PDF form, free of charge.

Book OK PLAN ARCHITECTS 2009-2014 / Book OK PLAN ARCHITECTS 1999-2009

23 | 10 | 2014

The magazine BETON-technologie-konstrukce-sanace has featured an article on the family house in Kunratice. The article is focused directly on the unique structure of light monolithic thermal insulating cement. 

Beton TKS 06/2013

2 | 10 | 2014

Welcome to the new OK PLAN ARCHITECTS website. After some years we have prepared a new website for you, based on new technology, and using a responsive design. The new website is well-arranged, simpler and, we hope, more interesting. We believe that the website will be more attractive for you, motivate you perhaps to build a new home, or that it will at least be pleasantly inspiring. 

5 | 9 | 2014

We took 2nd place in the anonymous open urban planning competition entitled ‘Renovation of buildings and Stromovka Park in Humpolec’. The jury did not award a first place entry. The top designs will be presented to town representatives and the public, and the architects will be asked to elaborate their projects. Designs from the competition will be on display 16-26 September 2014 in the exhibition hall on the ground floor of the Dr. A. Hrdlička Museum on the Upper Square in Humpolec. 

Humpolec – Renovation of development and Stromovka Park

18 | 4 | 2011

The article on the new family house in Zlin has been presented in Marianne bydlení.

Marianne Bydlení 05/2011

25 | 3 | 2011

An article on the reconstructed villa in Jevany appeared in the June edition of the magazine Pěkné bydlení.

19 | 1 | 2011

The article on the new family house in Zlin has been presented in Architekt magazine, 6/2010.

Architekt 06/2010