Prague 10 – Reconstruction of a starter flat

INVESTOR private
PROJECT 06/2011 - 12/2011
REALIZATION 01/2012 - 04/2012
spoluautor Marta Vincencová
The originally two-room plus kitchenette flat is located in a building from the 1950s. No changes had been made over the years, and the flat was in a dismal condition as a result. The basic problems were the ratio between the hallway and the living space and the location of the kitchen just inside the entrance and right next to the WC and bathroom. The main goal of the project was to make maximum use of the small space and incorporate the terrace more into the actual flat. The kitchen was returned to its historical position and the living room was created in its place. The second room held the bedroom and workplace tucked behind the central chimney. The remainder of the space was divided so that the individual rooms had a size adequate to contemporary needs. Furniture, mostly built-in and designed for simplicity and easy cleaning, was then used to unify the design. Most of the pieces are custom-made, while the rest were bought at IKEA. Area 42.70 m2; terrace 17 m2. Photo: Marek Mendel