Revitalisation of regional Braník Brewery

INVESTOR Zemský pivovar s.r.o. Praha
PROJECT 06/2014
The project contemplates the possibilities for revitalising the grounds of the former Braník Brewery in Prague 4, which is currently not in use. The commission included a small industrial brewery, a brewery restaurant, including a covered garden part, a hotel with a wellness centre and a beer spa, a beer shop and a conference hall, and other services such as a bakery, a theme café and the sale of smoked meat connected with events like Craft Days and farmer markets. The preserved building, the oldest part of which dates to the seventeenth century, is composed of three main wings in a U-shape arrangement with an internal courtyard. Important for us was restoring movement through the grounds and creating a courtyard with a pleasant atmosphere – a place where people enjoy stopping for a moment. The garden section of the restaurant is placed in the courtyard tract, where we also leave room for farmer’s markets in connection with covered spaces inside the building, with related services (bakery, deli,...). We replaced the unusable attic in the extension in the courtyard with a new addition for a multipurpose hall, which could be used, for example, by the Braník Theatre.