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Rohozná – Family house

REALIZATION 07/2007 - 06/2009
CONTRACTOR svépomocí, subdodavatelsky
The family house was built in the residential part of a former farm. Besides the limited budget, the basic criteria for the design was the connection of the interior with the garden and surrounding nature. Visible through a series of glass doors is the dominant apple tree in the garden; in the other direction, from the dining room table one can see through an alley of oak trees all the way to the nearby forest. Large windows provide direct access to the terrace and views of the garden while also allowing thermal gains in the transitional period. The upper floor also offers views of the surrounding landscape. A hedge will soon provide privacy from passersby. Despite the complicated terrain and other limitations, the alley, over a century old, offers massive shade in the summer, while the proximity of a stream and marsh helps create a pleasant microclimate. Based on our experience with the natural elements, we abandoned the idea of an entrance covered only by an overhang and built a covered foyer. The house employs a combined structural system; the insulated perimeter walls are made from ceramic bricks, the ceiling is made of concrete beams and the shed roof is supported by wooden beams exposed inside. For now, the interior furnishings are subordinate to the never-ending activities of small children. In the future a garage will be built on the site of the former barn, which is in a dilapidated condition. Another phase will involve restoring the vast garden to a flowering meadow, undergrowth shrubs and, partially, a fruit orchard.